Cinnamon sins

This weekend I felt like baking something sweet for our TV night, watching a few more episodes of Fringe.

I had never baked cinnamon rolls before, so this was my very first attempt and I followed this recipe, that I had found in this blog some time ago.

The only change I made to that recipe was the glaze. Instead of using cheese, that I didn’t have, I decided to use sugar glaze.

The result, although not perfect in appearence, was delicious in taste!

Cinnamon rolls before baking

Cinnamon rolls out of the oven! Yummy smell!

Very nice, still warm

Little morning treat


I'm a portuguese girl living in Ireland and learning how to cook. Before I moved to Ireland I wouldn't fry an egg. Maybe because I had never done that before, because I didn't need it or because I wasn't supposed to, but mostly because people would tell me I didn't know how to do things right. That has changed. This blog is meant to share my recipes and proud moments (or maybe not) of my food adventures and such. Hope you enjoy it and maybe try one recipe or two. Bom proveito!

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2 comments on “Cinnamon sins
  1. It was totally unexpected for me to notice that someone out there would read my blog, or even see it, especially when it’s such a baby blog with merely two posts so far.

    It was nice to feel welcome.

    Thank you!

  2. Tahny Lowry says:

    Yum-o! These look great!

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